This is the most straightforward way to be sure that I'm making what I (and you) think I am.

This way, people are clear about what they're going to get. I or they will choose a pattern, we'll agree on a yarn and colour and I'll get going. I can usually be fairly accurate about how long it will take as well, depending on size and complexity. 

 Most patterns will tolerate small modifications, such as the addition of a simple pattern or motif, or a change to a collar shape or size. It's also reasonably straightforward to change a jumper pattern into a cardigan. 

Modern patterns are unsurprisingly better for producing the kind of fit we're used to, but vintage patterns need a bit more detail. The way clothes fit has changed, and people are generally a bit bigger than we were 40 plus years ago, and the yarns available are different too, all of which can contribute to a significant effect on the end product. 

That said, some vintage patterns are just beautiful, so don't be put off, it just might take a little longer! 

Have a look in the "Some patterns I already have" gallery for some inspiration...