I'm always pleased to be asked to make something for someone, and to be sure you'll be pleased too, I'll need to ask a few questions...

I genuinely do love to make things for other people. But to make sure they're pleased with the finished article there are several things that need to be discussed before I start, and usually a few more as the project progresses.

This will include what (if any) pattern will be used, size, design, colour, and yarn. I'll give most things a go, but will also be honest if I think something won't work, or won't look like you think it will. I've put a few things down over the next few pages to give a rough idea of some of the things that need to be considered before a project starts. 

If you'd like me to reproduce something you see on the website, that's fine, just ask. 

And please get in touch if there's a project you'd like to talk about!