We've set up a knitting group - any takers?

We've set up the knitting group! It's fortnightly on Wednesday evenings from 6-8pm.  SOOOOOOO excited!!

We usually meet here http://www.the-perseverance.moonfruit.com/, The Perseverance on Lamb's Conduit Street in Bloomsbury, it's got an upstairs room we can have all to ourselves.  EVERYONE IS WELCOME!!!!! 

Lots of people worry that they "aren't very good at knitting", but that really doesn't matter! The idea would simply be to get together, chat about our knitting (and no doubt lots of other things), swap ideas and help each other out when we get stuck or make mistakes. 

It REALLY doesn't matter if you can't knit!  If you never knitted and think you might like to, come along.  If you kind of learned a little bit years ago, come along.  If you've got the hang of the basics and want to start using patterns, come along.  It really doesn't matter how good or not you are, there's always (a lot) more to learn, I'm always trying new things and getting it wrong and having to undo it all and start again.  Get Involved!  

 And we're not going to be exclusive - crotchet, embroidery, whatever it is that you like to do we'd like to learn about it....

 Over a coffee or glass (or two) of wine?